Qualify for Nerdbomb Promotion

Why Qualify?
We have high claims of our work, so it is necessary that every artist goes through a qualification process. We don´t want to waste the time of our media partners with crappy, low quality productions.

What do you get?

Qualify for Nerdbomb Artist Promotion and receive media coverage by sending your music digitally to 2300+ radio and TV stations, magazines, newspapers and music blogs worldwide. As a qualified artist you can order a free trial (goes to 250 media partners) or one of our pro- and premium packages.

In addtion every month the first 5 qualified artists will receive a 50€ voucher for their campaigns.

Click here for a complete list of Nerdbomb Media Partners.

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Qualification Process

1. Fill out the form below with information about your music release.

2. If your music has been accepted by our jury you´ll get a personal qualification code within a few days.°

3. Go to our Shop and book your preferred promo mailing.

° If the music has been rejected by our jury you will be informed via email as well. Please understand that we are not able to give a reason for the refusal.