[PROMO] Mia Vernaza – Mi Soledad (Single Digital)

Cantante y compositora, Colombiana, nacida en la ciudad de Cali cuyo nombre artístico es Mia Vernaza. Talentosa y apasionada Mía comenzó su carrera musical a la edad de 8 años. Edad donde comienza con sus estudios musicales enfocándose en la parte rítmica aprendiendo así las bases del timbal, conga y bongo. Posteriormente toma clases de trompeta. Todo este entrenamiento musical le abre las puertas para que comience a poner en practica lo aprendido y entra a formar parte de varios grupos infantiles de la ciudad de Cali. Mía también siempre ha estado influenciada por su talentosa hermana, la cual es pianista profesional y perteneció a un grupo femenino el cual fue muy famoso en la época de los noventa. Cuando Mía cumple 14 años comienza a tomar clases de técnica vocal y guitarra.


1994 – 1995: Mía forma parte de una academia musical para niños y participa en un grupo musical llamado “Las Ardillitas”. En este grupo musical, ella aprende a tocar percusión latina, conga, bongo y timbal.

1998 – 1999: Mía comienza a tomar lecciones de guitarra y técnica vocal. Es en este periodo donde comienza su carrera como cantante y entra a formar parte de “Armonía Orquesta”. Agrupación con la cual tiene la oportunidad de representar a Colombia en el Kinder Festival, evento que se realiza anualmente en Holanda por todo un mes.

2000-2001: Mía comienza su carrera como compositora. Es también en este periodo donde decide viajar a Estados Unidos a estudiar ingles.

2002-2006: Después de terminar su año como estudiante de intercambio, Mía regresa a Colombia y entra a formar parte de un grupo de Rock, Pop y ritmos latinos. Este grupo era el grupo residente de un bar llamado “La esquina”. Su participación en este grupo era como conguera y corista. En el 2003, Mía se muda a Bogotá y entra a estudiar actuación. Así mismo, ingresa a la universidad Javeriana a estudiar música con énfasis en ingeniería de sonido. En el 2005, su hermana la invita a ser parte de un trío musical el cual ella esta formando para viajar por un periodo de 6 meses a la India y Singapur, lugares donde se presentarían en diferentes hoteles tocando tanto música en español como ingles.


Mía Vernaza se muda a los Estados Unidos en el año 2007, donde busca nuevas oportunidades para su carrera como artista. Entre los años del 2007 al 2015 Mía participa en varios eventos públicos y privados en la ciudad de Tampa. Mía comienza a trabajar en su proyecto como solista, sus composiciones son una mezcla de Pop, rock y ritmos latinos. A finales del 2016 Mía entra a formar parte de GIG Music Group el cual es un sello disquero independiente de la ciudad de Tampa y estará presentando su primer sencillo y video “Mi Soledad” a mediados del 2017.


[PROMO] Skully – The World is Going Crazy (Single Digital)

Originally from the Philadelphia area (Norristown PA). Skully found himself influenced and inspired by the sound of 90’s music. East coast and West coast hip hop was predominant to his musical foundation.

The south had yet to emerge as the powerhouse it is today, other than a few groups such as Outkast and SoSo Def.

At the age of 19, Skully moved south to The Greater Tampa Bay FL area. Immediately upon touching down in Florida Skully was fortunate to link up with a production group who is now known as Grammy award winning producers JUSTICE LEAGUE which allowed him to maintain his lyrical integrity through out the years.

Skully continued to compose music with JUSTICE LEAGUE up until they landed their deal in ’06. At that point, Skully found himself back to the drawing board, however with his dedication to his craft and his ability to connect with other individuals who shared his same passions he was able to help form the movement known as Vegaz Boyz.

Skully was inspired by the constant night life and the „All in“ lifestyle of „Vegas“ as well as those in his inner circle, so what started as an inside joke became a staple in the inner city night scene for the extravagant parties and non stop indulgence.

Now fueled by the energy from his surroundings, Skully began relentlessly recording and was determined to be the voice of his peers.

A spew of recordings eventually caught the attention of GIG Music Group and through negotiations and mutual goals being discovered, Skully made a wise decision to join forces with GIG Music Group to help take his music career to the next level of success….


[PROMO] Spantraxx – Sunrise (Single Digital)

Spantraxx is a Dj/Producer from Finland that started back in 2000’s as a Dj at local clubs and continued along the years to make the nights of thousands people memorable. Around 2010 he began focusing on music production and after many failed projects, in 2016 managed to make himself visible to the scene by releasing “I’ll Go“, a house track with dreamy vocals that was sent to Protocol Radio demo submissions. From a total of seven days of exposure, “I’ll Go“ managed no.1 for five consecutive days. Courage added up and after the March 2017 release “Hey-Hey“ Spantraxx came up with new ideas that transformed old projects in well received releases. In April 2017 new tracks were ready and are expected to hit the online stores in May 2017. One of this releases is “Girl“ that comes with a deep ,melancholic feeling. “Girl“ is very well received song by the fans on YouTube and Soundcloud. The second track “Sunrise“ is a future bass experiment that did not went bad at all! The result is a song that got hundreds of thousands of impressions on Soundcloud and very good ratings on Soonvibe, bringing lots of fans to his website and Facebook page.


[PROMO] Pastor Zaster – Zasterdamus (EP Digital)

„Pastor Zaster ist zurück, jetzt wird wieder geschossen.“

Der Fürther Rapper und Produzent veröffentlicht mit Zasterdamus seine vierte EP

Auf dem neuesten Machwerk von Pastor Zaster geht es hart zur Sache. Nachdem er Hollywood den Rücken gekehrt hat, ist der Fürther zurück auf den Südstadt Streets und zeichnet ein düsteres Bild seiner Nachbarschaft. Die fünf Anspielstationen wirken wie ein Drive Bye Shooting: Aus dem Nichts wird plötzlich das Feuer eröffnet, dann geht alles ganz schnell und am Ende ist man froh, heil aus der Sache herausgekommen zu sein.

Musikalisch ist die EP vom Westcoast Gangsta Rap der Neunziger inspiriert und pendelt zwischen G-Funk und oldschooligen Samplebeats. Unterstützung hat der Fürther für dieses Projekt vom Produzenten Clav Split und Rapper Farmer MC erhalten. Das Cover wurde von Daeni Chrome gestaltet und Mr. Hedgehog ist für das Mastering verantwortlich.

Die ganze EP kann kostenlos auf Bandcamp herunter geladen werden, einzelne Songs stehen auf Soundcloud zum Download bereit.


[PROMO] Mad Article Ft. Kate Wild – Better Without You (Single Digital)


From its smooth Rhodes opening to the tastefully layered percussive grooves which evolve throughout, the new single from enigmatic Australian based producer and songwriter Mad Article exudes an alluring warmth. Coupled with fresh electronic overtones, the track is sure to find a home both in clubs and on the airwaves.

Featuring deliciously hooky vocal contributions from UK based singer / songwriter Kate Wild, ‘Better With You’ makes a powerful statement for celebrating independence in love and life. A fusion of neo-soul, classic house and future disco, the single has a stylistic confidence and evokes a nostalgic sentiment which will be appreciated by fans of these genres.

The architect of this sonic design, Mad Article, is on a trajectory to international recognition; all the while remaining a shadowy identity who prefers the music to take centre stage. Clearly a master of the craft, one can only anticipate the finely polished gems which are to follow this debut release.

‘Better Without You’ has already attracted the attention of some industry heavy-hitters, with acclaimed mix engineer Arthur Indrikovs (Calvin Harris, Clean Bandit) and Yoad Nevo (Sia , Godfrapp, Sugababes) contributing their Midas touch to the final release.

With its top shelf production and across the board appeal, ‘Better Without You’ is destined to hit the charts with an unforgettable impact this season.


[PROMO] Abel Raise The Cain – Every Rise (Single Digital)


Abel Raise The Cain are an alternative indie Rock band from the Northeast, they were formed in mid-2012 and were brought together by a mutual respect for the same genres of music, Atmospheric/Epic/Indie Soundscapes, influenced by such bands as Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, The Editors & Coldplay, Abel Raise The Cain aspire to create & mould their own Epic sound to reach people in the same way .

They spend their time, creating wall of sound, Euphoric, indie rock/pop songs, the first two of which were released on December 15th 2012 to widespread critical acclaim as part of a double „A“ sided single named “Too Late -The Promise”. Both singles have received repeated airplay on radio stations across the U.K, including regular plays on BBC Introducing and „Too Late“ has been play listed on Brazilian National Radio & featured by channel 4 on A primetime television program. They are currently working on their debut E.P named ‚For Strangers Only‘ which will be available to buy soon, the new single ‚Every Rise‘ will be available to download on Dec 9th.