[PROMO] Abel Raise The Cain – Every Rise (Single Digital)


Abel Raise The Cain are an alternative indie Rock band from the Northeast, they were formed in mid-2012 and were brought together by a mutual respect for the same genres of music, Atmospheric/Epic/Indie Soundscapes, influenced by such bands as Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros, The Editors & Coldplay, Abel Raise The Cain aspire to create & mould their own Epic sound to reach people in the same way .

They spend their time, creating wall of sound, Euphoric, indie rock/pop songs, the first two of which were released on December 15th 2012 to widespread critical acclaim as part of a double „A“ sided single named “Too Late -The Promise”. Both singles have received repeated airplay on radio stations across the U.K, including regular plays on BBC Introducing and „Too Late“ has been play listed on Brazilian National Radio & featured by channel 4 on A primetime television program. They are currently working on their debut E.P named ‚For Strangers Only‘ which will be available to buy soon, the new single ‚Every Rise‘ will be available to download on Dec 9th.


[PROMO] Robby Johnson – Together (Single Digital)


Attention-grabbing videos are getting to be dynamic country crooner Robby Johnson’s thing. After bursting onto the scene with the viral smash „South Of Me,“ he’s back with a new single, his ballad „Together.“ The music video is available now here:

Written by chart-topping country performer Chris Young, „Together“ is the first song Johnson was offered a chance to record after he moved his family to Nashville. In fact, Robby first heard the tune while working as a demo singer for legendary tunesmith Frank Myers. At the time, he could only dream of being able to make the song a master recording for his own debut album.

The upcoming video for „Together,“ which is the second single from his James Stroud-produced debut album Don’t Look Back, is a high-drama imagining of just how deep true love runs:

Together we are stronger than apart and now Forever we’ll be joined here in our hearts like A puzzle with a missing piece Did I find you did you find me It’s crazy how two lives are meant to be Together

More than just a title, „together“ is also how the video was made, as Johnson’s 8-year-old Pierre plays a role in the clip. „My son and I have lots of things in common,“ Robby says. „Like me, he loves Elvis and Michael Jackson, and he dreams of playing Superman in a movie. He did an amazing job and I hope Hollywood is watching!“

Odds are they won’t be the only ones watching, if Johnson’s career to date is any indication. His introduction to national audiences came with the video for „South Of Me,“ which drew an astounding three million views within a few months of release. The viral success propelled him to radio airplay and major network television appearances.


[PROMO] Lilou & John – 100 Faces (EP Digital)


Lilou & John is an indie duo from Borås, Sweden, fusing the sounds and attitudes of alt-rock, electronica, pop and hip hop, creating a sound they describe as „helter skelter“. The duo was created in 2015 when introspective poet and guitarplayer John teamed up with raw divergent vocalist Lilou.

They create their music in symbiosis, with John writing the lyrics and Lilou adding the melody, all in a rather haphazard manner. Their first album, 100 Faces, is accordingly five songs held together by John’s lyrics, Lilou’s vocals and background arrangements created in close collaboration with producer Magnus Stenbäcken from Riverking Productions.

This significant mix of styles is further enhanced by their collaboration with three visual artists, Jesse Thorton and Patrick Paax from the United States, and Aural Aurea from Brazil whose video interpretations are used as official music videos for the tracks „Six Year Farewell“, „God“ and „When Murder Victims Die“.


[PROMO] Kingly T – Life In the City (Album Digital)


Reggae artist Kingly T. began his musical journey in Kingston, Jamaica. It was there that he served as a guitarist for an outfit known as Ninja Force. Kingly T. and other legendary musicians from the band helped Usher in the 90’s music culture and what would be the new face of lyrically driven, uplifting soul and reggae.

It is this past experience and his travels throughout a number of different countries including Japan, Mexico, the United States, and the Caribbean that has helped to produce a unique sound and dedication to spreading a positive message.

After finally settling in the United States, Kingly T. attempted to find a group of like-minded musicians before deciding to pursue a solo career.

His first album “Unity” experienced commercial success in 2007, and Kingly T began to fuse his reggae sound with elements of jazz, soul, and other genres. Upon crafting his new style, he released his following album titled “Rock It With Me” in 2010 and two singles in 2011 titled “Eastward Bound” and „Jah Blessing“. These breakthrough tracks cemented his new sound and exposed his style to a wealth of listeners via international radio. Following his new level of worldwide exposure, Kingly T. recently released his third studio album titled “Live The Life” in Spring 2013. Focusing on a positive message backed by lyrical intelligence and original arrangements, “Live The Life” is a presentation of all that he has learned through his travels and the level of spirituality that he has been able to reach along the way. At the heart of his new album is above all, the ability to create a mood Recorded at various studios throughout the world, the album shines with diversity. “Live The Life” is an album that provides listeners with clean music that promotes love and spirituality.

He has performed,in Zimbabwe on October 12 2013, where his very energetic and captivating performance had the people asking for a repeat show.

Check out “Live The Life” on outlets including Amazon, CD Baby and iTunes, and learn more about the uplifting sound and mentality of Kingly T. Kingly T has released his new album “Life In the City” on November 3rd 2015. The album has been getting great reviews from top media outlets. With a mixture of lovers rock, and roots rock reggae,it is geared toward a wide audience.

Listeners of other genres, will love this album.Now in all the major online stores, and Kinglytmusic website. Kingly has in the plans for the near future, a number of recording projects and collaborations with international producers and artists, a US tour, and seeking more international exposure with the intent of doing a world tour.


[PROMO] Pastor Zaster – Frankonian Kanye (EP Digital)

Frankonian Kanye“ ist die dritte EP des Fürther Rappers und Produzenten Pastor Zaster. Seinen Stil könnte man als christlichen Gangsta Rap mit einer großen Portion Humor beschreiben. Im ersten Song geht es um den Aufstieg aus seiner schmutzigen Nachbarschaft in die Glitzerwelt Hollywoods („der fränkische Kanye“). In „Las Vegas“ nimmt er die Zuhörer mit auf eine verrückte Reise durch die Stadt der Neonlichter und Casinos. „Jogi Highroller“ ist eine energiegeladene Hommage an den U.S. Rapper Riff Raff und an Bundestrainer Jogi Löw. Für die Basketball-Hymne „5 Minutes“ hat er musikalische Unterstützung von dem amerikanischen Untergrund Rapper Money Mack und vom talentierten Deutschrapper Fab Stripes bekommen. Bei „Papst Franziskus“ beschreibt er seinen inneren Konflikt, stets Gutes tun zu wollen und gleichzeitig mit missgünstigen Neidern konfrontiert zu sein. Das Cover hat sugardesignz aus dem UK gestaltet, das Mastering stammt von Mr. Hedgehog aus Serbien. Die EP steht unter Creative Commons Lizenz und kann kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.