[PROMO] Spantraxx – Sunrise (Single Digital)

Spantraxx is a Dj/Producer from Finland that started back in 2000’s as a Dj at local clubs and continued along the years to make the nights of thousands people memorable. Around 2010 he began focusing on music production and after many failed projects, in 2016 managed to make himself visible to the scene by releasing “I’ll Go“, a house track with dreamy vocals that was sent to Protocol Radio demo submissions. From a total of seven days of exposure, “I’ll Go“ managed no.1 for five consecutive days. Courage added up and after the March 2017 release “Hey-Hey“ Spantraxx came up with new ideas that transformed old projects in well received releases. In April 2017 new tracks were ready and are expected to hit the online stores in May 2017. One of this releases is “Girl“ that comes with a deep ,melancholic feeling. “Girl“ is very well received song by the fans on YouTube and Soundcloud. The second track “Sunrise“ is a future bass experiment that did not went bad at all! The result is a song that got hundreds of thousands of impressions on Soundcloud and very good ratings on Soonvibe, bringing lots of fans to his website and Facebook page.