[PROMO] Mad Article Ft. Kate Wild – Better Without You (Single Digital)


From its smooth Rhodes opening to the tastefully layered percussive grooves which evolve throughout, the new single from enigmatic Australian based producer and songwriter Mad Article exudes an alluring warmth. Coupled with fresh electronic overtones, the track is sure to find a home both in clubs and on the airwaves.

Featuring deliciously hooky vocal contributions from UK based singer / songwriter Kate Wild, ‘Better With You’ makes a powerful statement for celebrating independence in love and life. A fusion of neo-soul, classic house and future disco, the single has a stylistic confidence and evokes a nostalgic sentiment which will be appreciated by fans of these genres.

The architect of this sonic design, Mad Article, is on a trajectory to international recognition; all the while remaining a shadowy identity who prefers the music to take centre stage. Clearly a master of the craft, one can only anticipate the finely polished gems which are to follow this debut release.

‘Better Without You’ has already attracted the attention of some industry heavy-hitters, with acclaimed mix engineer Arthur Indrikovs (Calvin Harris, Clean Bandit) and Yoad Nevo (Sia , Godfrapp, Sugababes) contributing their Midas touch to the final release.

With its top shelf production and across the board appeal, ‘Better Without You’ is destined to hit the charts with an unforgettable impact this season.