[PROMO] Plankton Dada Wave – Haus of Dada (New Wave / Post Punk / Punk)


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Plankton Dada Wave is an insanely happy post-punk trio from the North of Italy. Our second Ep is called Haus of Dada and it’s our last and better effort to take our dadaist, whimsical songwriting at its silliest. Not your average sad-post-punk-Joy-Division-wannabe album. Out on digital and 10” (ask for the limited sugar sachet edition).

„If Robert Rodriguez made movies set in Rome and not Texas, you imagine this sort of thing might make his soundtracks.“ (The Guardian)

„Da Itália vem uma das maiores esquisitices musicais da atualidade, freak total, dadaísmo nonsense esquizofrênico musical com os dois pés fincados em gente como DEVO, Residents, Gang of Four, daí já dá pra se ligar que a pegada é pós punk new wave torto, mas bem torto mesmo“ (The blog that celebrates itself“)

„Funky and fun-filled, spastic and catchy“ (X-Mist records)

„Well son, if you dig when XTC got arty or Watts bass playing on DOS, then this interesting mix of pseudo prog punk will be your thing.“ (Review Stalker)

“Frank Zappa meeting ska-punk meeting XTC meeting Flaming Lips” (Traks)

„Their sound comes across like a post-whatever energetic funny funk-punk-rock-dada-humor-party-music.“ (Yeah I know it sucks)