[PROMO] The Rooms – Pølkå EP (Rock / Rock ’n Roll)


« Disciple of a straight-forward kind of music, these young boys put away the old blues-rock recipes used by many as their stock in trade. You’d better try to find their roots along with those of the wild Black Keys here, a sincere and feverish blues-rock that grows and shines once on stage. »

Fred Sérager, November 2012

« … A classic rock that bloats up as the songs speed up. A young band with a truly good singer. »

Patrick Foulhoux, November 2013

« The Rooms are a blend of influences from 70’s rock and the new rock’n roll scene. This combo dusts off the old recipes and undoubtly is among the most promising bands of Clermont-Ferrand »

Baraka Bar, May 2012