[PROMO] The Whale & The Warbler – Thanksgiving (Folk / Indie / Lo-Fi)

The Whale & The Warbler is a seven-piece swing-folk band based out of Rochester, NY. Started in the winter of 2011, the band has continually grown to incorporate more instruments, more sound, and most importantly more energy. The Whale prides themselves on their ability to deliver their songs, and their live performances give new life to their recorded music, urging you to dance, sing, and emote every second of the way.

The Whale’s songs are the brain child of Hudson Valley-born singer songwriter Conor McCann. Filled with picturesque imagery of the Northeastern Wilderness, his song-writing is a testament to the importance of story-telling to folk music, and deals largely with his childhood and adolescence in lower New York State. His lyrically dense, long-form writing style is presented in forms varying from narratives about his dog, pleas to fleeing birds, and a letter written to Davey Crockett from his child-hood self.

McCann’s simple, long-form song-writing is complimented strongly by thoughtful horn and string melodies, driving bass, powerful electric guitar, and thunderous drums. Each part is well-placed, each chord carefully constructed, and each note deliberate. The band’s music „starts off with the delicate lightness of a perched warbler and eventually swells like the sea under a swimming whale“ (Rockchester Daily).

Their debut album „Thanksgiving“ was released in September of 2013. Recorded while the band attended college together in a church and various bedrooms in Geneseo, NY and produced by Dan Lynch (the Whale’s lead guitarist), the album is full of stories and dense emotions. The album’s unique sound captures the band’s philosophy that music should be raw, heartfelt, and unadulterated.

Campaign Start: 24.10.2013