[PROMO] In bed with Georges – π (Alternative / Indie)

IBWG is a french band from Finistère (Brittany). They offer since 2009 an iconoclast and unclassifiable rock : power-Georges music.

Their powerful music combines some organic and visceral emergency (power riffs, effective bass / drums, vocals without concessions) with an undeniable sophistication (original melodic, complex rhythms, using samples).
After a first album, Yeah of the tiger (2011), the George offers us a new album two years later : p.
One more reason to discover live because IBWG is especially a group that stands out for its live performances (two selections to „jeunes charrues“, winner for tremplin’bars in St-Brieuc, tour trans’musicales … )
The combo is deploying an energetic, inventive and abrasive set that leaves no one indifferent.

Campaign Start: 24.10.2013