[PROMO] Sugar Candy Mountain – Knock me down (Alternative / Rock / Psychedelic)

Sugar Candy Mountain’s „Mystic Hits“ captures a certain fondness for the music of the 60’s while revealing the band’s seamless use of modern production techniques. Imagine what a 24 year old Paul McCartney would do if he teamed up with MGMT and Tame Impala- at least that was the mind frame we tried to get into while making the album. “Soak Up The City”, along with two other tracks of the album, were conceived and partially tracked in Sao Paulo, Brazil while on tour with The Blank Tapes and completed at our home studio in Oakland.

Co-written with band mate Ash Reiter this surfy track highlights the signature guitar playing of Blank Tapes‘ Matt Adams. “Caroline Mountain,” an homage to The Beach Boys’ song “Caroline, No”, sits perfectly between two times. It makes use of the best of modern technology, layering hundreds of tracks and using contemporary effects to achieve the signature lush orchestration of Brian Wilson.

Campaign Start: 10.10.2013