[PROMO] Superman Revenge Squad Band – There Is Nothing More Frightening (Indie / Alternative)

Audio Antihero: Specialists in Commercial Suicide formed in late 2009 as a means of releasing the lost debut album from the long disbanded Nosferatu D2 and although the brotherly duo of Ben and Adam Parker never reformed, the LP would find a modest but dedicated audience (including members of Los Campesinos! and Art Brut) and rave reviews from Drowned In Sound, The Line Of Best Fit, The 405, The Digital Fix, This Is Fake DIY and the album’s unconventional release was even a featured story years later on BBC 6 Music (2011) and PRI’s “The World’ (2012).

Post-Nosferatu D2, Ben Parker began working solo under the name Superman Revenge Squad and released several low-key CD-R albums/EPs which scored strong notices from Indie Press and Radio with the BBC’s Tom Robinson calling him an “absolute genius,” a hearty recommendation from TLOBF and they afforded him the chance to open for Jeffrey Lewis twice in one day.

Now in 2013, Parker has assembled The Superman Revenge Squad Band for the recording of the album “There Is Nothing More Frightening Than The Passing Of Time” which reunites not only with the Audio Antihero label but also with Nosferatu D2 drummer Adam Parker. It’s a genuine thrill to re-welcome Ben and Adam Parker to the Audio Antihero fold, having started this label pretty much exclusively as a vehicle to get the ‚lost‘ Nosferatu D2 album (AAH001 – www.nosferatud2.bandcamp.com) released and celebrated, it feels RIGHT to mark AAH010 with the recorded return of these two and a bunch of their friends.

If you’ve followed the work of Superman Revenge Squad before now then you’ll know the joys of his minimal instrumentation and his inimitable wit and vocal presence…but this Big Band expansion is likely very new to you indeed. Packed full of guitar, drums, saxophone, accordion, piano and cello, these recording sessions (recorded in Croydon, of course) provide a wonderfully vast and varied canvas for Parker’s beautiful, observational, nostalgic, abstract and often stream-of-conscious lyrical narratives.
Nosferatu D2 Press:
„Some kind of alchemy, not to be repeated – a mix of tension, bitterness, and a way with lyrics that no one has, or will, match – 9/10.“ – Drowned In Sound

„Perfect in their hopelessness.“ – Pitchfork

„Your record collection is incomplete without its inclusion.“ – The Line of Best Fit

“Maybe one of those forgotten albums that will be hailed as influential come five or ten years – 9/10.” – The 405

„An emotional rollercoaster laced with blaspheme and romantic despair – 8/10.“ – This Is Fake DIY

„A lo-fi masterpiece – 9/10.“ – The Music Fix

„Brace yourself…“ – NME Radio

PRI’s „The World“ radio feature on Nosferatu D2: http://www.theworld.org/2012/08/nosferatu-d2

BBC 6 Music programme on Nosferatu D2: http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b00xb7d7

Previous Press:
“There couldn’t be a better time to fall in love with Superman Revenge Squad…So, grab your kryptonite and let the squad into your heart and record collections.“ – The Line Of Best Fit

„Absolute genius.“ – Tom Robinson, BBC 6 Music

„Though he may not be, by any means, a household name Ben Parker is a man whose output is regularly met with cries of adulatory terms like ‚genius‘ and ‚lyrical ninja‘.“ – Sonic Reverie

„We are going to tell you to just hang it up altogether. Superman Revenge Squad’s Ben Parker is a better songwriter than you and just about anyone, so there’s little point in soldiering on with dreams of recording for a mid-sized indie.” – Clicky Clicky

„The man’s a lyrical genius, and you’ll all recognise this one day.“ – Sweeping The Nation

„Amazing…everything (he) touches turns to gold.“ – The Digital Fix

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