[PROMO] Psychojet – Flights (Alternative / Instrumental Rock / Post-Rock)

Psychojet is a four-piece instrumental act from the Lurgan and Belfast regions of Northern Ireland.

The group formed in early 2012, and came to prominence by beating 15 other groups to win a Northern Ireland-wide Battle of the Bands in summer of 2012 — something of a surprise, since Psychojet were the only instrumental contenders in the running, and had been together only a few months.

Psychojet now has one album (The Sea Is Never Full) and one EP (Flights).

The band is comprised of one guitarist with effects, another guitar with clean tone, a bassist and a yelping drummer.

Sadly, the latter member has now joined the exodus of young working men leaving Ireland to go overseas – he left for Australia as of August 2013, and in his absence the band is now taking an extended hiatus until his return.

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