[PROMO] From Kid – Sun (Indie / Pop)

The old farmhouse near the old schoolhouse on the outskirts of the old town. Next door stands the barn, overgrown with vine leaves and ivy. The meadow full of hay flowers, car tracks, and remains of a bygone party. And the profiles of new houses are already menacingly swaying above the unripe fruit. The town is growing. Fringing into the aftertaste of a self-distilled, agricultural era, poking about a little in the clouds on the edges of town. Among some others, Andrin Berchtold and Gian Reto Camenisch of FROM KID are living there where once Napoleon’s marauding soldiery, suburban stuffiness and – since time immemorial – melancholy were quartered. You can hear it in their music.

Songs in two voices. Guitar. Synthesizer. In their rehearsal room which might have been a larder or tool shed at one point, in their rehearsal room which could actually still serve as a larder or tool shed today, FROM KID work on their songs. However: music is not so much worked-on here, it’s more like a plant that grows. Work is loud, plants are quiet. They are grounded.

Perhaps sleep in their hair, perhaps humour up their sleeves. Melancholy doesn’t have to be all gloomy. Anyhow, no need for behaving in an affected manner or self-important on stages across the country. FROM KID are (inter alia) perfectly suited to culture bars, social networks or to performing around the campfire. For entertainment. For dreaming. For beauty. For nicely intoxicated and night-loving.

Campaign Start: 30.08.2013