[PROMO] Mitski – Retired from Sad, New Career in Business (Experimental / Alternative / Indie)

„The nine songs that make up Retired from Sad, New Career in Business are dynamic, ecstatic and anxious. Mixing out-of-the-norm orchestral sounds with electronics and ‘found’ sounds, the songs are never what you expect but always feel exactly how they need to be. Each harmonic twist and turn, each unexpected structural shift is perfectly calculated and just right. “ – (The) Absolute Magazine

Mitski has a fierce independent streak. She wrote and arranged her own music, recruited a full orchestra and then some, additionally directed 9 music videos (one video per song on the album), and is now releasing an album without a label, and achieved this all on a budget of friendship, favors, and lots of free pizza.

Yet despite her DIY spirit, the album’s sound and aesthetic is anything but. Every song is grandiose, lavishly orchestrated to the smallest detail, and is heart-wrenching in its pursuit of honest lyrics and musical integrity. The general feeling during its creation has been „go big or go home“, and Mitski has indeed hit the ground running to produce an independent album that is true to its definition.

Stream and/or download her album at mitski.bandcamp.com – It’s a Pay-What-You-Want system, so you can click „Buy Now“, type in „$0“, and you download it for free!

Campaign Start: 22.08.2013