[PROMO] zircon – Across the Ocean (Electronic / Breakbeat)

Andrew Aversa (zircon) is a Baltimore-based EDM producer, composer, and sound designer known for his ‚organic-electronic‘ style. Since beginning his career in 2004, zircon has released 10 albums, over 30 remixes, and scored multiple video game soundtracks such as Soulcalibur V for Xbox 360 & PS3. His blend of atmospheric & melodic sounds with modern drums and sound design is influenced by artists like BT, Porter Robinson, and Madeon, among others.

In 2012 zircon released „Identity Sequence“, an electronic album inspired by cyberpunk art, film & media. The album was a smash success on Kickstarter raising over $25,000 and has received critical acclaim for its immersive atmosphere, emotional vocals, and variety of sound – from complextro and progressive house to drum n‘ bass, breakbeat, trance and beyond.

Campaign Start: 19.08.2013