[PROMO] Eastern Phoebes – Sprouts (Indie Folk)

Eastern Phoebes began in January 2010 as the loft apartment recording project of multi-instrumentalist/sound explorer Ry Smith and his singing guru girlfriend Meg Bayley. They released their first self-titled EP that summer, a CD-R in a handmade cardboard case they gave out to friends, family, and strangers for free.

In March 2011, the pair released „Wampum“, their first full-length album. The record was written and recorded entirely within the month of February for the RPM Challenge, gaining praise from music writers and critics for its complete sound despite its rapid development. Four more EPs (2010’s „Rods of Energy“, 2011’s „Gypsy Paw“ and „Eggplant“, 2012’s „Better People“) and another full-length (2012’s „Lion Gardiner“) have since followed, cementing the duo’s status as passionate, pop-churning musicians eager to spread their sounds throughout the social circles, forests, and cities of the world as frequently as possible.

For live performances, the couple is joined by guitarist/bassist Rick Kattermann and drummer Gary Norton. The band has played all sorts of venues, from bars, backyards, theaters, and living rooms to catering halls, art galleries, beach houses, boardwalks and vegetable farms. They live, pray, and create music in their tiny lakeside cottage on Long Island.

The group’s latest EP „Sprouts“ is out now!

Campaign Start: 19.08.2013