[PROMO] Mark Crozer and The Rels – All You Gotta Do (Alternative / Pop / Rock)

„Awesome! Timeless retro power pop“ is how Mark Crozer & The Rels music has been described by the good people at Taxi A&R in California. The band’s 2012 eponymous debut album received great reviews with many critics making comparisons to The Byrds, The Jesus and Mary Chain, The Monkees and The Beatles.

„The music world needs more albums like Mark Crozer & the Rels – a complete collection of perpetual well crafted timeless pop perfection,“ says Neil DelParto on the Parasites and Sycophants blog.

“Mostly sunny songs that flit between a more accessible version of his old band mates (imagine JAMC without the cloud of distortion) and Beatles-esque pop… pretty magical,“ says Courtney Devores of The Charlotte Observer.

British native and band leader Mark Crozer has long been a performer of considerable talent but until recently has perhaps been best known as a backing musician for seminal Creation Records band The Jesus and Mary Chain. (He played guitar with them from 2007-2008, in 2012 and then bass guitar in 2013.) But now he is becoming known in his own right as a great songwriter of catchy, classic guitar pop with his own band.

Over the last year, the band, which is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has gained many new fans through its stellar live shows but, most unusually, they have a viral internet hit on their hands in their song ‚Broken Out In Love‘ following its selection by the WWE in May 2013 as the entrance theme for superstar wrestler Bray Wyatt. Dozens of fan videos have hit the web and between them have had several hundred thousands views in just a couple of months. Many people are already calling the song „the greatest wrestling theme ever!“ High praise indeed!

Most recently Mark Crozer and The Rels have released a 7-song mini-album entitled „Backburner.“ The album continues in the classic guitar pop vein with insanely catchy songs like „All You Gotta Do“ and „Tell Me You Want Me“ – perhaps the band’s strongest recordings yet.

Mark Crozer and The Rels hope that the second half of 2013 will be as exciting as the first and that more and more people will be turned onto them… either through wrestling or more traditional means!

Campaign Start: 02.08.2013