[PROMO] Redwood Fields – Accidentals (Indie / Rock)

Having carefully tested and refined 8 songs over 365 days, Redwood Fields retired to Riverport, NS studio, The Old Confidence Lodge this April. There, with the help of veteran producer Diego Medina (Chad VanGaalen, Joel Plaskett), the band captured half an hour’s worth of lush soundscapes amidst the incredible acoustics and inspiring character of TOCL.

A powerful combination of emotional imagery and energy, Accidentals is built on the hypnotic rhythms, vaporous synth textures, steady basslines and sincere songwriting that have quickly established Redwood Fields as a favorite on Canada’s East Coast.

Melding earnest folk styles with bits of dream pop and shoegaze, the band’s first full length offering presents a sound that’s both familiar but fresh, and comfortable yet demanding. It’s one that draws heavily on their Maritime home while also setting them distinctly apart from it.

Campaign Start: 30.07.2013