[PROMO] Atoms Or Faeries – First Journey EP (Chiptune / Electronica)

Atoms Or Faeries is a band from Mexico that mixes the harsh sounds of old school videogame music with energetic beats and busy melodies to create upbeat songs of classic 8bit happiness. AOF is a two-man music making machine: Mapps and Kaat compose and produce all those beats and beeps from their home studio located in Mexico City. Their sound is heavily influenced by the music from the 8bit age of gaming (Sega Master System, NES, Commodore 64 and all that good stuff). The duality of their name represents how they think of videogames and their music: “Atoms” is the technological side (machines, bits, electronics and chips) and “Faeries” is the fantasy side (the endless adventures that we experience when gaming). AOF believe both sides are necessary to create the videogame works of art that inspired them to make music. They just released their first EP “First Journey” available via digital download.

Campaign Start: 06.06.2013