[PROMO] Emorie – Never goes away (Electronica)

What do you get when you combine insomnia, violin, coffee, an apartment with no windows, day dreams, night dreams, rain, love, machines, and obsession?


Emorie is the concept and vision of Hunter and Adm. They met at a show and instantly connected. From different musical backgrounds but with similar interests, they compose, create, and design new sounds while incorporating traditional harmonies and instruments. Originally from Hamilton, Emorie is now based in Toronto.

Never Goes Away is the debut album from Emorie released in April 2013. Hunter’s lyrics are introspective, Adm’s electric violin adds a distinct artistry, and the electronic beats they create are detailed and innovative. Produced by Ollie Barkovic, Never Goes Away treads the line between organic and synthetic.

Campaign Start: 25.05.2013