[PROMO] Brian Carroll – April EP [City Strength] (Folk / Americana)

Modern Roots, is perhaps a contradiction in its very name, but a musical ideal that Brian Carroll stands firm to uphold. Drawing inspiration in style and delivery from songwriters of yester-year, while writing from what inspires him in his everyday life, he bridges the gap between folk roots and current day Americana music.

Originally from the South Shore of Massachusetts in the sea salt swept town of Scituate, Brian was raised on a healthy mix of SRV, The Grateful Dead, and The Band. Playing in a variety of blues and rock n’roll bands through the younger years of life gave him an appreciation for musicians creating music through improvisation and true feeling. It was, however, in college where Brian found the bluegrass and country roots music which his style most sonically emulates today. Incorporating legendary roots musicians Hank Sr., Doc Watson and Johnny Cash with his love of modern day songwriters such as Todd Snider, Justin Townes Earle and Glen Phillips, Brian spins a web of music that is part storyteller, part jammy blues musician, but all emotion.

He just released his second studio EP release entitled „Blood & Water“ and has been receiving consistent airplay on local, national and international outlets. Max Bowen (The Noise) described it as „an introspective, solid collection of music that you won’t regret picking up“. His first EP Outta This Town (recorded at Noise in the Attic Studios, Scituate, MA) also received great local support. Brian is writing at a frenetic pace, playing out as much as possible, and sharing his music and stories with anyone who will lend an open ear. He is currently in the midst of penning songs for a full length 2013 release while recording a short EP for each month of the year.

Campaign Start: 20.05.2013