[PROMO] His Name Is Codeine – Before The Apple Fell (Dark Psychedelic / Indie / Alternative)

His Name Is Codeine is a band of dark, intense, hypnotic, gloomy, pedal gazers armed with melodies to split the wall of sound noise. Starting as a trio of Lyn Ralph (vocals, bass, drum looper), Marc Roy (guitar, vocals) and Mark Simpson (guitar, vocals) in 2010, and adding in 2013 drummer Stu Russell, as well as Elizabeth Maycox (percussion, keys, drones) and Ian Dickson (guitars) to bolster the live sound. Slowly gaining an underground following through early releases ‚Before The Apple Fell‘ and ‚Shoot To Kill‘, His Name Is Codeine spent 2012 recording their debut album, titled ‚The Only Truth Is Music‘ which will be released on 30th May 2013.

Campaign Start: 14.05.2013