[PROMO] Sentiments – When You Are Here (Pop-Punkrock/Powerpop)

The SENTIMENTS are a Pop-Punkrock/Powerpop Band from Osnabrück, Germany. The five boys formed the Band back in the very early 1990s to play their own style of melodic and powerfull Punkrock.

The sound is hot cocktail mix of Bands like the Ramones, Dwarves, Sloppy Seconds and Del Shannon. They toured all over europe for a few times. The Sentiments shared the stage with Bands like Dee Dee Ramone, Marky Ramone & the Intruders, Misfits, Donots, Bloodhound Gang, Dog Eat Dog, Travoltas, Poison Idea and tons more of great Punk and Hardcore bands from all over the world.

They released a new record in April 2013 on vinyl and cd. You can buy them everywhere in Germany and in Mailorders worldwide. This year the band played 3 sold out shows in Essen, Hamburg and Münster. More shows will be played this year inlcuding the release-show of the new record in Osnabrück. Check out the next big thing in rock and roll underground: SENTIMENTS!

Campaign Start: 29.04.2013