[PROMO] Musiciens Sans Frontiéres – Spread Some Love (Alternative / Rock / World)

Musiciens Sans Frontiéres is a NYC based alternative rock project, with
members originally hailing from the U.S.A., Austria and Columbia, which
embraces the global and fights for a better planet.

Fusing alternative rock with world beats and experimental soundscapes,
they create a unique blend of rock that includes a wide spectrum from goth
and grunge to world beat, ska and folk-punk, and tackles issues ranging
from banning fracking to marijuana legalization to immigration.

Five songs off their new eight song album „Spread Some Love“ – „Affection“,
MSF’s cover of „Smells Like Teen Spirit“, „Happy Monday“, „Legalize“ and
„So Many Ways (For Safe, Green, Sane Energy)“ – are receiving airplay on
radio stations (commercial, satellite and internet) across the U.S. and in
Austria and Germany.

Thomas Simon’s tuned down dark, layered and dense guitar sound, which
Lucid Culture, NYC, said „is very Daniel Ash“ is lit up by the „pure
angelic voice“ (Legends Magazine) of actress-singer-songwriter Jillie
Simon and backed up by Keith Golden on bass and Alex Alexander on drums,
who both also played with Dido and Youssou N’Dour among others.

Jillie and Thomas had met at a cafe in the East Village and subsequently
founded alt rock band LOVE ALIEN, married, released four CD’s, and toured
extensively (USA, Canada, Europe and the Middle East) in the late 90’s and
early 2000’s, teaming up with awesome players from all over the world
(including Alan Gevaert, bassist, from Belgium {Deus, Chris Whitley}, Lior
Shulman, drums & percussions, from Israel, Brian Hardgroove, bass & drums,
from the U.S. {Chuck D, Public Enemy} and Dave Eggars, cellist {Josh
Groban, Evanescence}, from the U.S).

CMJ New Music Report said „…garnering rave reviews…Call it trip-grunge
or maybe, grunge-hop- whatever the label…if this wiry ensemble can
capitalize on their own strengths, they might just escape the gravitational
pull of New York’s dark underbelly and explode into the limelight.“ NOW-UK
called them „one of the most promising up & comers in the N.Y. music scene“.

In the mid 2000’s, European-born Thomas Simon found new inspiration by
recording with and filming local street and temple musicians worldwide
from Brazil to India, Indonesia and beyond. Some of these sessions are
captured in his documentary „Thomas Simon Walkabout“, which was selected
to numerous film festivals and paved his way into doing soundtrack work
for PBS and independent film and culminated in the creation of Musiciens
Sans Frontiéres.

„Spread Some Love“ is MSF’s fourth studio album and the 2007 version of
„Affection“ off the album „Satellite“ made it onto the 2008 Grammy
Their music video of MSF’s cover of Nirvana’s „Smells Like Teen Spirit“
(a paean to documenting, and helping to create change) won three awards
and was selected to 12 film festivals. Their next video „Legalize“,
earned them four awards in 11 festivals in the US, Canada and Europe.
Their third video „So Many Ways (For Safe, Green, Sane Energy)“ won the
Golden Reel award at the 2012 Las Vegas Film Festival, and is currently
making the festival rounds.

Thomas has been nominated for Best Music/Song at the 2013 Made in Milan
International Film Festival for the soundtrack to „La Redempcio Dels
Peixos“, directed by Jordi Torrent (Spain/Italy/USA), starring Lluís
Soler. He also created part of the soundtrack for the documentary „Lucky
Express“ which is soon to be released by Cinema Libre (Thomas also edited
and co-produced the film). Jillie performed at the Upright Citizen’s
Brigade, NYC, and starred in romantic comedy short film „Hannah Henri“,
based on the feature length award-winning screenplay by Akiva Penaloza.

Campaign Start: 22.04.2013