[PROMO] Silencio Stampa – Kalejdoskop (Electronica / Indie)

An electronic landscape where blood, heart and soul reigns. A world where machines are made for humans, not the reverse.

Swedish act Silencio Stampa is often mentioned amongst names like Air, Bo Hansson, Kate Bush, Mogwai, Portishead and Vangelis, but also more unexpected composers like Bacharach and Kurt Weill.

Silencio Stampa was Fredrik Jonasson’s (Phace O.S, The Hoarse Horses) side project for many years. An experimental workshop rather than anything else. After a period of musical ambivalence in late 2010, he let it out from the shadows and into the light.

The debut album „The Red Album“ was released in may 2011 and found a small but dedicated audience. It was followed by the EP „Regn“ in early 2012.

„Kalejdoskop“ (March 2013) contains 12 tracks and was recorded between May 2012 and February 2013. Among other things, it contains the first two songs with vocals that Stampa has released. Compute (Ulrika Mild) features on „The Hours“ and Jenny Gabrielsson Mare on „Le Poney Rouge“.

„Kalejdoskop“ picks up where the predecessors left off and is packed full of strong melodies, enchanting harmonies and a significant nordic melancholy.

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Campaign Start: 18.04.2013