[PROMO] Prof3ssor Blue – Astronaut’s Garden (Indie / Electronica)

APRIL 2, 2013 – Prof3ssor Blue releases his anticipated followup album entitled „Astronaut’s Garden“ which is executively produced by Canto I and distributed by Outbox Records. Artwork done by artist/photographer Alex Austin.

This 8-track Electronic/Experimental album features a darkly-quilted story of seeking love in a distance space; combining the familiar, emotionally fuelled roller-coaster of our routine saunter with the extrinsic, alluring expanse of the unknown. The journey itself becomes the divide.

Prof3ssor Blue’s influence of the eery, young Trent Reznor can be heard with his dense instrumentation and floaty vocals. This is especially exemplified on „fly at will.,“ the standout single, in which additional vocals can be heard from equally mysterious label-mates Canto I. The album’s core throws the listener into a convoluted setting, with the uplifting „interstellar transmission“ quickly proceeded by a much heavier, pressure-induced „sun.day.“ The album ends with a bouncy conclusion, as „i’d rather be weightless“ rounds off the ubiquitous project with a reassuring landing.

Campaign Start: 18.04.2013