[PROMO] Martin Del Carpio – X (Electronic Pop / Indie)

Martin Del Carpio aka M. is a music artist with the soul of a dreamer.

With the vital help of music producers, he has been able to record a couple of records.

The official first one released in 2007 is called In Absentia produced by Little Pioneer which is a record that has a sonic wave of aggressive edgy beats combined with melodic sensibilities. In Absentia is a record that talks about a time of personal struggle, a time of questioning virtue and a time of real isolation.

M. then recorded a Spanish language record entitled Pequeno Pionero with Little Pioneer released in 2008. It has been a dream of his to record Latin songs but with his own singular approach. A lot of inspiration for this record came from listening to many Latin artists from the 60’s and 70’s.

Tropic Of Capricorn recorded once again with Little Pioneer was released in 2010. It’s an EP that came about spontaneously. If anything, it’s a project that brought M. to the notion of wanting to record more straight forward songs.

In 2011, Martin Del Carpio worked with British music producer Jamie Muffett. What came about from those recording sessions were more organic songs with a few edgy alternative tracks thrown in for good measure. The album entitled X has been officially released in late 2012.

Campaign Start: 08.04.2013