[PROMO] Zedidiah Word – The Transmigration of Zedidiah Word (Folk / Rock / Indie)

On February 26, 2013, Denton-based Singer/Songwriter Zedidiah Word released his debut solo album, The Transmigration of Zedidiah Word. It will be available worldwide on CD and digital download.

Word has performed in several bands around Texas as a guitarist and bassist since his first high school band in 1996, but this is the first time he will take center stage. Since 2008, Word has recorded hours of solo material, but has been hesitant to release it. After the urging of friends to put out an album, Word eventually scrapped all the older recordings and started anew. „It’s been simmering inside the kettle of my mind for years until the point where it was like, ‚Okay, I have to do this or I will explode.'“

All of the songs from The Transmigration of Zedidiah Word were written and recorded during the summer and fall of 2012 in his attic studio with Word performing all the vocals and almost every instrument on the album. „The studio is called ‚Hotter Skull Radiations‘ because, as anyone who has an attic in Texas knows, during the summer it gets above 140 degrees and it starts to fry your brain. It was a perfect setting for these songs to melt off of my bones.“

The title of the album is an homage to the novel The Transmigration of Timothy Archer by author Philip K. Dick. „I am a huge fan of his works. When I learned the titular character was based on a real person who went searching for something in the desert in Israel only to become stranded, disoriented and later die, I knew it would be an apt metaphor for my own music career,“ Word says with a self-deprecating laugh. „I also felt transmigration, or the transference of a soul from one being to another, was a good way to describe shedding my old musical skin and starting over.“

The striking cover artwork was drawn by world-renown, Ukrainian artist Daria Hlazatova. Word says it is a perfect accompaniment to the songs. „I sent her the recordings and within a couple weeks she sent me this drawing. I was blown away.“

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