[PROMO] Astrid – Full Life (Chamber Jazz)

Born and raised in the Netherlands, Astrid developed her musical sensibilities early with the support of her father, well known conductor Wim Sars. Sars played organ and conducted Gregorian masses in cathedrals and at a young age Astrid sang in her father’s church choirs with her two sisters in the Netherlands. She also developed her skills as an instrumentalist on both tenor sax and flute. She has worked for over a twenty years as a professional musician in Vancouver, and has toured in Canada, US and Europe.

Astrid’s recently released and highly anticipated 2nd album Full Life brims with dreamy avant-pop-jazz. The disc weaves together songs about love, passion and celebration with vibey intimate vocals and sultry ambience juxtaposed with sequencing, samples and orchestral overtones. The EP ranges from the epic Breathe In Breathe Out to the Felliniesque Full Life and in six songs showcases the breadth of her reach as a composer, and is sure to generate the same critical praise of her debut Red Umbrella.

The music video released Jan 16th 2013 for the song Full Life was filmed in Vancouver and directed and produced by Anne Marie Slater, Spoton Moon Productions. Slater is a media artist, educator, and producer responsible for cross disciplinary, creative development, and facilitation of many local community public realm initiatives with roots in photography, film, and documentary practices. This is her first foray into music video production. The film is playful, thoughtful and engaging and conveys a Full Life in a thoroughly Vancouver juxtaposition of urbanity and sea to sky high. A full life is a journey through many meetings and fun collisions on the path.

“Astrid”’s Band includes some of Vancouver’s finest musicians and notably includes both her sons, Tim Sars on baritone Sax and Nathan Barrett trumpet. Russell Scholberg, bass; Budge Schachte, guitar; Finn Manniche Cello; Tarun Nayar tablas; Jamie Carter drums..