[PROMO] White Blush – Jolene (Dream Pop / Indie / Electronica)

White Blush, aka LA artist Carol Rhyu, draws from old horror films, minimalist pop, and Julee Cruise in her self-titled debut EP, now available through her Bandcamp site.

Carol began recording over the course of many feverish late nights curled up next to a pair of warbling synths and an old USB mic, maybe as a way to escape the past; or rather to understand it better.

“I was on this train and it was coming along until one day it totally derailed… We were probably going to get married, but I guess I was afraid of being a housewife, and it has sort of haunted me ever since,” Carol explains.

In her old tiny apartment, she remembers anxiously recording in different rooms without doors and the paranoia of being heard between the walls or small cracks in the floor, “It always felt like someone was coming, but when no one came, this sort of devastating absence filled the room instead.”

The record is very much about this absence as well as a particular nostalgia for that which is always slipping away into the past. Buried in the unconscious layers of these recordings, however, Carol was able to evoke both a sense of intimacy and despair through these gorgeous, minimalist arrangements. The album is now available on iTunes or on a name-your price basis through her Bandcamp site.

“We don’t need drums. We don’t need guitars, or even bass. We don’t even need to hear the faintest of words. We crave atmosphere. We’ll welcome the soundtracks to our finite, untallied days. The background noise will wash away… as we breathe in the clouds…exploding inside of us.” – Joan of Tune the Proletariat

“White Blush’s début is an impressive, and involving piece of work. An otherworldly journey that leaves you reeling once it finishes and you’re back to reality.” – Clive “Crash” of Electronic Rumors

„[White Blush] is a dense fog of 80’s-tastic synths, lurking malice, and pulsing rhythms [that] coalesce around her sultry whisper to form a distant vision of a cold Blade Runner-esque world.“ – Eugene K. Chow of Aesthetes Anonymous.

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