[PROMO] Brittsommar – Half Inch Map EP (Indie / Folk)

After building his guitar from the pines of Wisconsin and recording his first solo album O Lost!, Sawyer Gebauer found himself 7000 miles away in the country hills of Sweden. Arriving at Rosenhill farm, Brittsommar was formed upon the meeting of Johan Björk Dahl (guitar) and Evelin Sillén (violin/vocal).

Between red wine stained walls below the still blue night, Brittsommar recorded various songs in what they call „the glass house“ and „the black smiths temple“. They debued their first show in a hallowed barn concert during a cold October night with only a candle chandelier to light the darkened music.

In early winter, Sawyer went back home to record Brittsommar’s first album, Day of Living Velvet- recorded in an abandoned synogogue. One can hear the lake freeze out the stained and broken windows.

Returning to Sweden in the summer of 2011, Brittsommar released Day of Living Velvet in a signature hallowed barn show.

After organizing Stockholm art gallery concerts and performing at the Peace & Love Festival, Brittsommar is now residing in Berlin recording their second album The Machine Stops to be released April 4th. Brittsommar is collaborating with artists and musicians from all over Europe and the U.S. for the much anticipated album. The Half Inch Map E.P. was released Jan.1 featuring the tracks „Sing Low“ and „Half Inch Map“. Brittsommar creating the conceptual idea of what exists deep below the bowells of soul and the secrets buried within stories never told.

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