[PROMO] Paul Chase Jr – Run (Alternative / Acoustic / Folk)

Paul Chase Jr is a songwriter and performer from the small coastal town of Wells, Maine in the USA, just north of Boston Massachusetts. He has been writing and performing in various groups since 1992. He has also spent time living in Arkansas, Georgia and Florida.

Paul has recently reinvented himself trying to find a place in this competitive creative world of music. Paul’s views of the world are not just on the surface. He feels very passionate about the worlds issues and struggles and is often provoked by news, radio and social media to write. Paul says, „There seems to be an endless stream of things to write about. So many ideas and struggles move me.“

Find Paul Chase Jr’s new album titled „What Is Real“ on Itunes now. Watch for his most recent group project „Syndicate19“ who will be releasing a new EP spring 2013.

Campaign Start: 15.01.2013

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