[PROMO] Guzzlemug – To Leave the Earth (Genre: Progressive Rock / Psychedelic Rock)

Birthed in Minneapolis in the autumn of 2006, then based in Chicago as of 2011, Guzzlemug is Tom Kelly(bass, vocals), Shane Prendiville(guitar, vocals) and Charlie Werber(drums, percussion).

Albums –
Away With the Wind & Noise (cd)
EP – To Leave the Earth (lp w/download)
Ep – Nervously Counting Rosary Beads (lp w/download)
improv/odds & ends collection – Sanguine Anxiety for the Sudden Future Vol. 1 & 2

How others see us –

Moving seamlessly between Swans-esque country drones, tech-black reminiscent of Deathspell Omega, to avant-jazz spasms is just one way to imagine their sound.

This progressive rock/metal act tastefully utilizes elements of free/avant-jazz, 70s psychedelia, modern choral music, and anything else they really feel like using.

„…Guzzlemug is most exquisite – a fine upcoming proggy-sounding morsel of a band. Heavy prog is all hip right now, what with the appearance of technical deathcore, mall-metal and djent amongst teens, bands like Cynic/Necrophagist/Meshuggah granted upper-crust metal status, and bands like Obscura and Animals as Leaders on the hip bandwagon. There’s a lot of people who also hate that jazz (metal), but Guzzlemug is interesting and out there enough to have something for everyone without threatening them: fans of jazz, metal, grunge/garage-rock, noise; gearslutz, pedal-fiends, poly-rhythmic nerds, groupies scoping hotties, etc. They will most definitely interest any serious musician with a goofy sense of humor…“~ DayAfterDayDC

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