[PROMO] Pastor Zaster – Frankonian Kanye (EP Digital)

Frankonian Kanye“ ist die dritte EP des Fürther Rappers und Produzenten Pastor Zaster. Seinen Stil könnte man als christlichen Gangsta Rap mit einer großen Portion Humor beschreiben. Im ersten Song geht es um den Aufstieg aus seiner schmutzigen Nachbarschaft in die Glitzerwelt Hollywoods („der fränkische Kanye“). In „Las Vegas“ nimmt er die Zuhörer mit auf eine verrückte Reise durch die Stadt der Neonlichter und Casinos. „Jogi Highroller“ ist eine energiegeladene Hommage an den U.S. Rapper Riff Raff und an Bundestrainer Jogi Löw. Für die Basketball-Hymne „5 Minutes“ hat er musikalische Unterstützung von dem amerikanischen Untergrund Rapper Money Mack und vom talentierten Deutschrapper Fab Stripes bekommen. Bei „Papst Franziskus“ beschreibt er seinen inneren Konflikt, stets Gutes tun zu wollen und gleichzeitig mit missgünstigen Neidern konfrontiert zu sein. Das Cover hat sugardesignz aus dem UK gestaltet, das Mastering stammt von Mr. Hedgehog aus Serbien. Die EP steht unter Creative Commons Lizenz und kann kostenlos heruntergeladen werden.


[PROMO] Monte Ewert – Flyway (Single Digital)

Composer/Guitarist Monte Ewert offers a fusion of styles from contemporary guitar music, to South American folk music, as well asinspiration from the classic periods.

Very melodic and memorable music that dances on the lines oftradition, the present, and the future.Monte Ewert has been composing music for solo guitar and ensemble for over 25 years in California,Oregon, and Arizona. Monte’s composition and guitar education includes studying with composerJames Demars and guitarists Scott Anderson and Christopher Hnottavange. He has performedextensively in the Phoenix area, premiering works both solo, and with the Arizona Guitar Trioincluding premier works at the Arizona State University Art Museum and the Kerr Cultural Center inScottsdale Arizona


Press Release: Chicago drummer/ composer/ lyricist Jon Deitemyer debuts as leader with Tall Tales

Chicago drummer/ composer/ lyricist Jon Deitemyer debuts as leader with Tall Tales featuring Matt Ulery, Justefan, Rob Clearfield & Leslie Buekelman!


(Jazz, Pop, Modern Jazz, Post-Modern, Vocal Jazz)

Story: In-demand sideman/drummer Jon Deitemyer propels into his own scene with this collection of original music and no one is left disappointed

How does someone that supports the introspective lyricism of Patricia Barber, the epic whimsy of Matt Ulery, and the modern virtuosity of Zach Brock funnel his musical life into one coherent original album? Tall Tales is the unique manifestation of drummer/composer Jon Deitemyer’s genre wanderlust, and it represents a compact of sorts; an attempt to merge the restless creativity of instrumental jazz with the clarity and sincerity of lyrical song-writing. „I have the good fortune to interpret other people’s music so often as a sideman,“ says Deitemyer, „and the time came for me to prioritize those disparate experiences into something personal; something akin to spinning a yarn for friends.“

He invited his long-running musical collaborators to create the sympathetic and creative force that drives Tall Tales in the prolific bassist Matt Ulery and the imaginative pianist Rob Clearfield. The trio fuels Matt Ulery’s Loom, Grazyna Auguscik’s band, and Russ Johnson’s quartet, and plays with the uncanny familiarity that emerges only after years of mutual aspiration. Jon continues, “Matt, Rob, and I began playing together about a decade ago, and the appeal for me was immediate. Rob plays with such beautiful vulnerability; he’s never afraid to bare his soul for the sake of the music. And in short, Matt is my musical brother. There is a level of wordless trust between us that I find rare in life, let alone music.”

Tall Tales required more than the aforementioned trio to fulfill its promise, and Leslie Beukelman was the immediate choice as the album’s vocalist. Leslie has long been respected for her gorgeous voice and sublime delivery, whether in Miss Remember, the Oh Yeahs, or her own project Brite Lite. But on Tall Tales she manages to effortlessly shift between roles: from the patient sensitivity of “Midnight Guide” to the wordless post-bop melodies of “Stretch,” Leslie fully embraces each musical offering.

Rounding out the ensemble is the inimitable Justin Thomas, who injects every composition with his singular brand of sly virtuosity. Justin is fast becoming known to the larger jazz community through his work with Marquis Hill, Dana Hall, and Dee Alexander. “I have admired Justin’s playing for so long,” remarks Deitemyer. “As a drummer I am always drawn to musicians with a highly-developed rhythmic concept, and Justin is the quintessential example of just that. He has a ferocity to his improvising that raises up the band around him.”

The music on Tall Tales covers a wide swath of emotional territory. Songs such as „Deep Breath“ and „Gratitude“ blend the narrative qualities of a pop song with energetic improvisation. Justin brings a bit of odd-metered funkiness to “Fifteen”, while Rob imbues „A Little South“ with his gospel-tinged touch. „I wanted to write and create an album that felt transparent,“ Deitemyer continues, „so often instrumental jazz is rewarding but in a sort of vague way, and I sought to translate the joy I feel playing music into a more literal message for the listener.“

“…what a GREAT CD Jon Deitemyer’s ‚Tall Tales‘ is! Every track has something to offer… superb… gifted drummer/band leader…doing a really wonderful job… certainly captured my attention… I started listening to one song and before I knew it the whole album was over… it’s great to get lost in music like that.. I certainly can’t wait to hear what this young man will do next…” – Michael Ambrosino (The Fringe, SoulandJazz.com)

„Anyone who has admired the music of vocalists Patricia Barber and Grazyna Auguscik, bassist-bandleader Matt Ulery and many other major Chicago figures likely has heard Deitemyer at the drums. He provides remarkably flexible, empathetic accompaniment in all these settings, his playing generally light, lithe and keenly responsive to the music around him.“ – Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune

„One must listen to how gracefully all the elements come together on ‘Over Under Other’ and take into account the various ways that Deitemyer influences the pace and intensity of the music.“ – Richard Kamins

“Jon Deitemyer is the drummer everyone wants right now.” – Patricia Barber

“Jon Deitemyer has earned a reputation as a must-hear drummer and doesn’t disappoint” – Tim Gault, Chicago Jazz.com

„Deitemyer exhibits his elegant and reserved touch with the quiet whispers of the brushes… anchoring the group’s orchestral sounds.“ – Hrayr Attarian, ChicagoJazz.com

Recorded at Transient Sound by Vijay Tellis-Nayak in Chicago, IL USA

Mixed and Mastered by Brian Schwab in Chicago, IL USA

Production and editing assistance by Paul Mutzabaugh

Album artwork and layout by Federico Maksimiuk

Track Listing/Length:

Deep Breath 7:41
Midnight Guide 7:57
Stretch 7:15
Gratitude 7:15
A Little South 7:13
Arietta 7:23
Fifteen 6:01
Idle 5:05
The Stroll 6:55


Jaief & Asong – Get Away (Official Video)

“Get Away” is the product of a stargazing night out with friends. The song engages the idea that stress in our lives is mostly self-inflicted, and that it is a good thing to sometimes take a moment to get away from all of it.

Get Away is the second main release from German-based rap duo Jaief & Asong, after their well received 2014 debut project „EARWORMS“.

The song was musically brought to life thanks to producer, KasAkustix and brilliant / soulful vocals from singer, Rebekka Salomea. The song also showcases the duo’s skillfulness in creative writing.


[PROMO] Goodbye Lucy Grey – Beautifully Broken (EP Digital)

Goodbye Lucy Grey is a 6 piece pop-punk, indie-core band based in Saint Cloud, Minnesota. In December 2015 the band had released of their first music video for their single „Healing Hands“. Afterwards the band had released their first EP titled „Beautifully Broken“ June 10, 2016. WIth easy on the ears melodies from clean vocalist, Cathy Kongloth and intense hard vocals from Matt Udderman (along with back up screaming from rhythm guitarist Wyatt Andrist) the band tends to keep an emotional but energized feeling through out their music.


[Promo] Max Million – Monogramma (EP Digital)

Born & located in Athens, Greece. Max has been involved in many projects since 2006.

Often described as unlabeled, his music explores a unique symbiosis of melodic acoustic & electronic sounds, atmospheric soundscapes, set to the backdrop of downtempo rhythms & sprinkled with optimism filtered melancholy.

After multiple features on various label compilations including Ultimae records and his highly rated debut ‚Afterimages‘, here comes ‘Monogramma‘, Max Million‘s second mini-album on Audiomodern.

This work falls within the Electronica/alternative genre, pioneering intelligent downtempo style while standing out of the ordinary trends.


[PROMO] blindfall – A new day (EP Digital)


You like heart-melting lyrics and happy tunes?

In that case, the new blindfall EP ‘A New Day’ wouldn´t be your first choice.

Sometimes somber and melancholic, sometimes tough but always full of energy – that’s the sound of the rock-crossover metal band blindfall from Freiburg/Teningen.

‘A New Day’, there couldn’t be a more fitting title for their new EP.

In 2013, when the founding members of Blindfall had to move from Granada (Spain) to Germany and France, Julien and Vincent, the former guitarist and drummer left the band. Thus, blindfall reached a turning point. However, Inga Roser (vocals) and José Maria Gutierrez (bass) did not give up on their aim and with Florian Günkel (guitar) and Marcel Hellstab (drums) they’ve found two new members completing the band.

New country, new members, new base camp, new line-up, still, you will recognize Blindfall by the powerful female voice and the laconic bass. Nevertheless, their music evolved and beside rock and punk elements, you will find catchy and sophisticated vocals.

Literally, with their new EP ‘A New Day’ begins for blindfall.


[PROMO] Geo Gabriel – Rise (EP Digital)


Geo Gabriel An enthusiastic and influential performer, singer, songwriter, producer with an enviable track record. Not only does Geo Gabriel write and produce records, he has also had his records played in France, Egypt, Italy, Turkey and was requested to perform in Africa while receiving national press coverage in various African countries. Geo’s qualifications and involvement in the music business have seen him work across many genres including soul, rock, pop, reggae, afro beat, jazz hip hop etc. Geo’s sound is described as cutting edge music that stimulates the mind. Though his music travels across various genres, it has a very strongly rooted bedrock of soul. He is very well respected amongst his peers as one the highest male soul vocalist in the country. His experience and voice have consistently won him opportunities in the industry and his soulful vocals have made him highly sorted after by some of the biggest names in pop music such as Madonna, Leona Lewis, Beverley Knight, Lionel Richie, Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave) Michael Bolton, Joe Cocker, Ruby Turner, Monty Norman (Bond theme), Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Game, Will Young, Take That, 30 Seconds To Mars, Placebo, Primal Scream, Bloc Party, Damon Albarn Sissel (Titanic sound track) and Susan Boyle. Geo has also performed on stage in front of Prince Charles, Prince Edward and the president of Iceland. At various events he’s entertained overseas presidents and prime ministers. “You have not experienced Geo Gabriel until you’ve seen him live” is just one of many praises Geo has garnered for his dynamic, energetic and captivating live shows. People are very much drawn to his music and often refer to it as thought provoking and exhilarating. In November 2015 Geo Gabriel’s Rise EP won Akademia Best Soul/RnB EP award in L.A. The Geo Gabriel experience is a soulful journey, the real bedrock of soul.