[PROMO] Mandy Kane – Darkness & Divine (Rock / Pop / Indie)

Mandy Kane is an Australian singer, songwriter, producer and remixer. Kane has been on the Australian music scene for over 10 years. He changed his name by deed poll at the age of 18, started playing in high school rock bands and soon discovered the importance of songwriting and production. Consequently, he worked part-time jobs to save enough money to buy a 4-track recorder and filled his bedroom with various home recording equipment and instruments.

In 2004, Kane released his debut album ‚Tragic Daydreams‘ which featured the single ‚STAB‘. ‚STAB‘ reached #18 in the ARIA charts and the singles ‚Billy Bones‘ and ‚Stupid Friday‘ both made the Top 40.

Kane says his songs are inspired by a variety of rock icons from bygone eras – from David Bowie and Gary Numan to The Beatles and Pink Floyd, as well as contemporary artists such as Interpol, Aphex Twin, The Horrors, M83, The Flaming Lips, Radiohead and more.

Kane has toured extensively, sharing the stage with Marilyn Manson, Machine Gun Fellatio, Pre Shrunk to name a few, and has recorded with Joe Chiccarelli (Frank Zappa), Chris Vrenna (NIN), Valgeir Sigurðsson (Björk) and more.

World renowned artists such as Van She and Gary Numan have remixed Kane’s work.

Mandy Kane’s latest EP ‚Darkness & Divine‘ is produced and mixed by Woody Annison (Children Collide / Black Cab).The EP is available through all major download and streaming services from 27th November 2015, with CD and 10″ hand-cut vinyl editions available via pre-order at http://www.mandykane.bandcamp.com from 13th November 2015.

Purchasers of the 10″ vinyl or CD edition receive a bonus ‚lucky charm‘ Yin & Yang pendant with their orders. 3 bonus tracks are included with the CD edition and every full EP download through Bandcamp.

„Undeniably talented and definitely unlike anything else in Australian music…“ -Lauren McMenemey (The Advertiser)

Campaign Start: 02.11.2015


[PROMO] Fogscape – Hollow (Synth-Pop / Trip Hop)

Fogscape is an electronic project playing atmospheric synthpop/triphop music.
The project has two releases so far: its debut EP ‚Astray‘ (released in November 2014) and a single ‚Hollow‘ (released in September 2015) from its forthcoming album.
Current release features not only the single itself, but also some remixed versions performed in various styles from dark ambient and darkwave to house and techno.
The new album (‚Depths‘) is supposed to be released by the end of this year. Stay tuned!

Campaign Start: 29.10.2015


[PROMO] Phedora – The House of Ink (Alternative Metal / Progressive Metal / Nu-Metal)

Similar Artists: Bring Me The Horizon, Breaking Benjamin, Red, Linkin Park

Phedora consists of people who aim for creating their own style, strongly based on alternative and progressive music. In July 2014, Phedora launched its first physical release of the single „Lost Prophet,“ which was cooperatively produced with Acle Kahney from Tesseract. The song refers to the problem of pedophilia, focusing on the case involving Ian Watkins, the former Lostprophets vocalist . The CD also featured a rock cover of „Hallelujah“ by Leonard Cohen. „Hallelujah“ became a viewership success on the band’s youtube channel. Since December 2014 the band released two rock rearrangements of „The Last Goodbye“ by Billy Boyd and „Love Me Like You Do“ by Ellie Goulding, both of which gave a total of hundreds of thousands of views, making Phedora the first band who attempted to make a rock cover of these tracks. The band provides weekly vlogs, where they inform fans about upcoming events. The self-release premiere of Phedora’s debut concept album „The House of Ink“ is dated on September 30, 2015.

„The House of Ink“ is an epic, conceptual journey into the depths of the human mind, locked inside the alternative rock manner. Witness the slow downfall of the main character, who struggles with the passionate feeling that he cannot live with, yet at the same time, he is way too scared to make any kind of move. Each song on the album represents one letter that the Protagonist writes for his beloved, yet he never sends them. Thus, he builds the House of Ink – a metaphorical cage made of words and lost chances.

Phedora’s debut album is characterized with an excessive amount of emotional impact, expressed through catchy melodies, epic orchestrations, guitar arrangements and deep lyrics and a subtle progressive touch. Step inside the House of Ink and see the writings on its walls.

Campaign Start: 13.10.2015


[PROMO] Myself When Young – I wish I was (Indie / Pop / Folk)


Label : Sonic Service
Format: Single Digital

(Indie / Pop / Folk)
Similar Artists: Anna Calvi, Agnes Obel, Alela Diane

Myself When Young is the moment when you forget and remember, when you’re old and young, when you see and hear, when melancholy comes over you and you emerge from the depths of gloom. Thanks to epic compositions, featuring humming violins, grave piano undertones and dark voices, the music travels through a distant movie world between folk, pop and classical music. Primarily, though, it’s immersed in dark drama and subsists on an elegant dynamic between melancholic gravity and airy euphoria.

I Wish I Was

«In the song we toy with the idea of how it would be to be something else than what we really are, for example a montain goat. It shows ones unability to decide wheter to cope with society by being part of it or to evade the situation. In the end the naive wish stays imagination inside the thoughts. The video shows with strong pictures the absurdity of these two worlds colliding, since the former „normal“ characters are gradually getting stranger as the scenario progresses.»


[PROMO] Stable – If Only You Could See Me Now (Alternative / Indie / Rock)


Label : Crater8 Records
Format: Album Digital

(Alternative / Indie / Rock)
Presstext by Hannes Höttl / Andrea Morrison:

STABLE – „if only you could see me now“

STABLE a nearly single handedly produced work, which delivers any famous, venue-filling colleagues; an ’in your face’!
The twelve songs, which constitute the debut album of STABLE, are far greater than their sum.
They are joy, medicine, catharsis, word-wise and essence!

STABLE stems from Vienna. He is composer and text writer, singer and arranges the musical constitution single handedly – singer, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. And the band sounds as tight as the music that is being played. Including the two guest musicians featured on this album STABLE worked two years to offer this masterpiece; first alone, then in end-phase with Andreas Fennes: the producer of What’s That Noise Studios which resulted in „if only you could see me now“ and lastly with the aide of Crater8 Records this heart-throbbing album was brought to the ears of the public.

The result is a conceptual boom, multifaceted with passion of effort and analysis, unrelented;
the musical efforts of STABLE must be heard!
Congruent to, but not exclusive to, the first-class finesse of indie rock produced in Britian over the last 20 years!

Harsh guitar melded with longing lyrics, soulful voice, eccentric keys, mixed with electronic drive in a concrete manner, through stormy tones and tight passages while dreamy melodies fly over steady and firm drumbeats. One thinks of names like MUSE or PLACEBO – grunge pop. Awe over pianistic overtures, that are named of grand places flood the mind and still the associations remain associations. The quality of STABLE segregates and all associations fade into nothingness… he emerges clearly in a league of his own and memory of STABLE superceeds and remains.
In order to love the songs from „if only you could see me now“ one must do simple things: listen, press play, sit firmly with no distractions like sms, email or the like… and simply engage… then do it over again and take in the next layer offered by this album… purely and completely.

A live version of this album is off the table at the moment as quality-compromise is off the rouster for STABLE and a live band can’t offer what STABLE offers as genius one-man artist.

„if only you could see me now“ = British inspired Indie Rock with unconditional lack of compromise,
at top level international niveau.

ALBUM: Stable – If Only You Could See Me Now
2014, Crater8 Records

1. Anchorage
2. Track 2
3. Lost In A Motion
4. You Held My World In Your Hands
5. Strobes
6. National
7. Peace For Me
8. Antigravity
9. For You
10. Wavelands
11. Speak To Me
12. Helsinki

digital distribution: Zimbalam; retail sales: Hoanzl
to find on: itunes, amazon, spotify, deezer, google play, simfy