[PROMO] Myself When Young – I wish I was (Indie / Pop / Folk)


Label : Sonic Service
Format: Single Digital

(Indie / Pop / Folk)
Similar Artists: Anna Calvi, Agnes Obel, Alela Diane

Myself When Young is the moment when you forget and remember, when you’re old and young, when you see and hear, when melancholy comes over you and you emerge from the depths of gloom. Thanks to epic compositions, featuring humming violins, grave piano undertones and dark voices, the music travels through a distant movie world between folk, pop and classical music. Primarily, though, it’s immersed in dark drama and subsists on an elegant dynamic between melancholic gravity and airy euphoria.

I Wish I Was

«In the song we toy with the idea of how it would be to be something else than what we really are, for example a montain goat. It shows ones unability to decide wheter to cope with society by being part of it or to evade the situation. In the end the naive wish stays imagination inside the thoughts. The video shows with strong pictures the absurdity of these two worlds colliding, since the former „normal“ characters are gradually getting stranger as the scenario progresses.»


[PROMO] Stable – If Only You Could See Me Now (Alternative / Indie / Rock)


Label : Crater8 Records
Format: Album Digital

(Alternative / Indie / Rock)
Presstext by Hannes Höttl / Andrea Morrison:

STABLE – „if only you could see me now“

STABLE a nearly single handedly produced work, which delivers any famous, venue-filling colleagues; an ’in your face’!
The twelve songs, which constitute the debut album of STABLE, are far greater than their sum.
They are joy, medicine, catharsis, word-wise and essence!

STABLE stems from Vienna. He is composer and text writer, singer and arranges the musical constitution single handedly – singer, guitar, keyboards, bass and drums. And the band sounds as tight as the music that is being played. Including the two guest musicians featured on this album STABLE worked two years to offer this masterpiece; first alone, then in end-phase with Andreas Fennes: the producer of What’s That Noise Studios which resulted in „if only you could see me now“ and lastly with the aide of Crater8 Records this heart-throbbing album was brought to the ears of the public.

The result is a conceptual boom, multifaceted with passion of effort and analysis, unrelented;
the musical efforts of STABLE must be heard!
Congruent to, but not exclusive to, the first-class finesse of indie rock produced in Britian over the last 20 years!

Harsh guitar melded with longing lyrics, soulful voice, eccentric keys, mixed with electronic drive in a concrete manner, through stormy tones and tight passages while dreamy melodies fly over steady and firm drumbeats. One thinks of names like MUSE or PLACEBO – grunge pop. Awe over pianistic overtures, that are named of grand places flood the mind and still the associations remain associations. The quality of STABLE segregates and all associations fade into nothingness… he emerges clearly in a league of his own and memory of STABLE superceeds and remains.
In order to love the songs from „if only you could see me now“ one must do simple things: listen, press play, sit firmly with no distractions like sms, email or the like… and simply engage… then do it over again and take in the next layer offered by this album… purely and completely.

A live version of this album is off the table at the moment as quality-compromise is off the rouster for STABLE and a live band can’t offer what STABLE offers as genius one-man artist.

„if only you could see me now“ = British inspired Indie Rock with unconditional lack of compromise,
at top level international niveau.

ALBUM: Stable – If Only You Could See Me Now
2014, Crater8 Records

1. Anchorage
2. Track 2
3. Lost In A Motion
4. You Held My World In Your Hands
5. Strobes
6. National
7. Peace For Me
8. Antigravity
9. For You
10. Wavelands
11. Speak To Me
12. Helsinki

digital distribution: Zimbalam; retail sales: Hoanzl
to find on: itunes, amazon, spotify, deezer, google play, simfy


[PROMO] Laverge – Back to the Wild (Alternative / Desert Rock)


Similar Artists: Queens of the stone age, Them crooked vultures, Tame Impala, Black Keys, Arctic Monkeys

Laverge is rock band originated in Valencia and formed in 2013 after the dissolution of several bands from the independent valencian scene.

The band is composed of Victor Moya (July 29, 1986, lead vocals and guitar), Ignacio Aznar (November 27, 1987, bass guitar), David Minton (March 16, 1989, guitar) and Aitor Mateu (May 15, 1986, drums). October 2014 they released ‘Back to the wild’ a five song EP. Appointed as ‘the band to watch out for the upcoming year’ by the independent music press.


[PROMO] Plankton Dada Wave – Haus of Dada (New Wave / Post Punk / Punk)


Similar Artists: Devo, B-52’s, Talking Heads, Geza X, XTC, Polysics, Franz Ferdinand, Wire, The Fall, Total Control

Plankton Dada Wave is an insanely happy post-punk trio from the North of Italy. Our second Ep is called Haus of Dada and it’s our last and better effort to take our dadaist, whimsical songwriting at its silliest. Not your average sad-post-punk-Joy-Division-wannabe album. Out on digital and 10” (ask for the limited sugar sachet edition).

„If Robert Rodriguez made movies set in Rome and not Texas, you imagine this sort of thing might make his soundtracks.“ (The Guardian)

„Da Itália vem uma das maiores esquisitices musicais da atualidade, freak total, dadaísmo nonsense esquizofrênico musical com os dois pés fincados em gente como DEVO, Residents, Gang of Four, daí já dá pra se ligar que a pegada é pós punk new wave torto, mas bem torto mesmo“ (The blog that celebrates itself“)

„Funky and fun-filled, spastic and catchy“ (X-Mist records)

„Well son, if you dig when XTC got arty or Watts bass playing on DOS, then this interesting mix of pseudo prog punk will be your thing.“ (Review Stalker)

“Frank Zappa meeting ska-punk meeting XTC meeting Flaming Lips” (Traks)

„Their sound comes across like a post-whatever energetic funny funk-punk-rock-dada-humor-party-music.“ (Yeah I know it sucks)


[PROMO] Cavy – The Country Roads (Hip Hop / Rap)


Similar Artists: Logic, Yelawolf, Mac Miller, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar

Born in 1996, East Coast Canada’s own Cavy is an inspiring rap artist from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

His debut EP The Country Roads” is a captivating story of his journey growing up on the rustic roads in small town PEI while achieving big dreams regardless of how small your city may be. Family life, fascinations, and small town struggles, are just a few of its entertaining endeavors.

Releasing October 28, 2014, “The Country Roads” will bring you familiarity to the country lifestyle and small town life from the view of an ambitious artist’s striving world.