[PROMO] Cavy – The Country Roads (Hip Hop / Rap)


Similar Artists: Logic, Yelawolf, Mac Miller, Eminem, Kendrick Lamar

Born in 1996, East Coast Canada’s own Cavy is an inspiring rap artist from Prince Edward Island, Canada.

His debut EP The Country Roads” is a captivating story of his journey growing up on the rustic roads in small town PEI while achieving big dreams regardless of how small your city may be. Family life, fascinations, and small town struggles, are just a few of its entertaining endeavors.

Releasing October 28, 2014, “The Country Roads” will bring you familiarity to the country lifestyle and small town life from the view of an ambitious artist’s striving world.


[PROMO] Sander Clasen – Life EP (Acoustic / Rock / Indie)


Sander Clasen is a singer-songwriter. He sings from a deep and gentle voice to a growled burst with influences from blues,jazz, reggae and rock. His First Work as a solo artist was ‘Life EP’.

He has some experience too as a drummer and saxophonist! He also studies Psychology through distance learning.


[PROMO] The Rooms – Pølkå EP (Rock / Rock ‘n Roll)


« Disciple of a straight-forward kind of music, these young boys put away the old blues-rock recipes used by many as their stock in trade. You’d better try to find their roots along with those of the wild Black Keys here, a sincere and feverish blues-rock that grows and shines once on stage. »

Fred Sérager, November 2012

« … A classic rock that bloats up as the songs speed up. A young band with a truly good singer. »

Patrick Foulhoux, November 2013

« The Rooms are a blend of influences from 70’s rock and the new rock’n roll scene. This combo dusts off the old recipes and undoubtly is among the most promising bands of Clermont-Ferrand »

Baraka Bar, May 2012


[PROMO] Tibican – It Runs Deep EP (Indie / Shoegaze / Psychedelic)


Tibican is a London based artist.

Influenced by My Bloody Valentine, Mogwai, Muse and Foals among many others. Tibican’s music can be described as Indie/Shoegaze mixed with a tinge of psychedelic garage. All music has been written, performed and produced by Tibican.


[PROMO] Beat Bodega – Up from the Bottom (Alternative / Rock / Funk)


After traveling the cosmos for eons, Beat Bodega have recently settled on the planet Earth. They have fallen in love with this strange wide world and have decided to make their home here.

It is now their collective mission to improve the lives of humankind and Mother Earth itself through their music, art, dance, style, and general fantastic awesomeness. With a “je ne sais quoi,” like no other, these intergalactic man children will rock you and yours from now until


[PROMO] Ashley Lian – Dear EP (Folk / Acoustic / Singer-Songwriter)


Ashley is currently an art student in Baltimore, Maryland. With an acoustic guitar and some simple chords, she writes music for lyrics that are more or less journal entries and poems, personal dedications to people that have affected her life.

Dear is her first self-recorded and self-released EP. It is a small compilation of songs written in her bedrooms over the course of 2 years.

“So dear Mom, dear Dad, dear boys I used to like, and dear myself, this is for you.”


[Promo] Voodoo Princess – Shaken Not Stirred (Retro Soul / Rhythm&Blues / Rock & Roll)


“It’s like Motown kissing Rock’n’Roll, heavily pregnant by James Bond, with a slight touch of jazz and elegant 60s flair!” Digitally released in June 2014, Voodoo Princess’ debut album ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ reminisces the likes of Amy Winehouse, classic Motown and Stax acts like The Supremes, Otis Redding and contemporary retro soul-acts like Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings.

Songs and style of Bavarian based singer Melanie Brüggemann and her producer Thomas Nehrenberg sound as if they were derived directly from the 60s. The fragile jazz of Billie Holiday, well cooled James Bond movie score aesthetics, driving Bo Diddley grooves and Northern Soul stompers provide the authentic frame of Voodoo Princess’ debut album.

Making ‘Shaken Not Stirred’, was a challenge from the get-go – considering that only two people, Thomas Nehrenberg and Melanie Brüggemann, were involved, and there were many tasks to handle, ranging from songwriting and arranging to recording, engineering and mixing. It was recorded and mixed by Thomas Nehrenberg in Berlin at Major6thLab Studio. Vocals were recorded at Monkey Cage Studio (Nuremberg; Owner: Massimo Collu). Mastering was accomplished by Florian Gramelsberger from beatworksmusic in Munich.

It’s not a concept album in the truest sense of the word, but it moves in a fixed frame. ” Melanie, my partner and I were at all times aware of how we wanted to make the album. We have a nearly identical private taste in music and very similar views on the aesthetic and technical terms and soundscapes. None of us has the slightest interest to base our music on mainstream radio and format patterns. Of course, we could… , but we don’t want to! On purpose! We might be a tiny bit stubborn and obstinate in that regard!”

“Billie Holiday, who is one of my favorite singers, once said: ‘If I’m going to sing like someone else, then I don’t need to sing at all,’” Melanie cites. “This is a declaration of war on monotony! We can relate. However, one of the most distinct 20th century singers, Etta James, pointed out that her mother used to play nothing but Billie Holiday. Everyone has musical roots, which help to anchor your own, new ideas. There’s no need to deny them! We never tried to copy someone else, we were guided solely by our own taste”, Melanie explains. “Nevertheless, we are naturally influenced by the music of our heroes, and we are grateful that it has survived to this day. If you hear allusions to their music, it is simply a tribute to our role models.”

“We had very good reasons to write ‘Shaken Not Stirred’ in a way that we may still like it 10 years from now, and will be able to listen to it without risking serious health problems. And we have learned that we are very comfortable with the sounds of our heroes. It suits us fine, we celebrate that! We are happy with that and will continue to be so … there’s nothing that we’d rather do!”


Press Release: Mandy Kane – Raising Kane


The last time Mandy Kane released new music was in 2009, when Gary Numan and Ade Fenton remixed his bone crushing synth-centric track ’25 Seconds’. The year 2014 seemed far into the future at that point in time, yet Kane’s music had already advanced well beyond that era. Following the magical developmental years preceding the release of his debut, ‘Tragic Daydreams’, Kane ventured out of his suburban bedroom; a musical laboratory of imagination, into the brutal reality of adulthood.

With the release of new music being delayed by various real life tragedies and battles of his own, Kane has reemerged, this time presenting a new evolution.

In partnership with European based crowdfunding platform Musicraiser, Mandy Kane is offering the opportunity to contribute towards a campaign which will see a 10th Anniversary re-issue of his debut album ‘Tragic Daydreams’, in addition to a brand new EP produced by Woody Annison (Children Collide / Black Cab).

Check out the campaign here:

We are looking for radio announcements, blog posts and magazine articles for this artist, but also opinions and feedback are greatly appreciated!


[PROMO] Grande Dame – Grande Dame (Rock / Blues / Alternative)


Grande Dame is the new audio/visual project by UK-based self taught artist Tiff McGinnis. This exciting project combines a Rock & Roll/ Burlesque soundtrack with psychedelic animations, and a range of bespoke limited edition items, created from the music.

Originally from the deep south of Columbus, Georgia, Tiff’s early years were steeped in the rich sounds of the Mississippi Delta. From her New Orleans Shrine Circus band-leader Grandfather, to her rhythm and blues record collecting father, to the twangy country ballads blaring from the transistor radios; the sounds from her youth made an impact that would last a lifetime, and this album is a testament to that. This collection of music is more of a celebration of sounds from around the south, than a genre specific band album – think of a moody sound track to a dark southern gothic film…

Tiff co-wrote the album with her song-writing partner and keyboard virtuoso – Pete Z (King of Shag). It was recorded and mixed at Wendy House Studios in Shepherds Bush summer 2010, produced by Grande Dame’s drummer Adrian Meehan and Tiff. The purely analogue album boasts an impressive pedigree of musicians. From Amy Winehouse and Primal Scream horn players, to backing vocals courtesy of PFUNK, collectively they created a sound that celebrates Tiff’s southern roots.

Campaign Start Date: 10.10.2014