[PROMO] Geo Gabriel – Rise (EP Digital)


Geo Gabriel An enthusiastic and influential performer, singer, songwriter, producer with an enviable track record. Not only does Geo Gabriel write and produce records, he has also had his records played in France, Egypt, Italy, Turkey and was requested to perform in Africa while receiving national press coverage in various African countries. Geo’s qualifications and involvement in the music business have seen him work across many genres including soul, rock, pop, reggae, afro beat, jazz hip hop etc. Geo’s sound is described as cutting edge music that stimulates the mind. Though his music travels across various genres, it has a very strongly rooted bedrock of soul. He is very well respected amongst his peers as one the highest male soul vocalist in the country. His experience and voice have consistently won him opportunities in the industry and his soulful vocals have made him highly sorted after by some of the biggest names in pop music such as Madonna, Leona Lewis, Beverley Knight, Lionel Richie, Sam Moore (of Sam & Dave) Michael Bolton, Joe Cocker, Ruby Turner, Monty Norman (Bond theme), Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, The Game, Will Young, Take That, 30 Seconds To Mars, Placebo, Primal Scream, Bloc Party, Damon Albarn Sissel (Titanic sound track) and Susan Boyle. Geo has also performed on stage in front of Prince Charles, Prince Edward and the president of Iceland. At various events he’s entertained overseas presidents and prime ministers. “You have not experienced Geo Gabriel until you’ve seen him live” is just one of many praises Geo has garnered for his dynamic, energetic and captivating live shows. People are very much drawn to his music and often refer to it as thought provoking and exhilarating. In November 2015 Geo Gabriel’s Rise EP won Akademia Best Soul/RnB EP award in L.A. The Geo Gabriel experience is a soulful journey, the real bedrock of soul.


[PROMO] Team ‚O‘ – Still You (Single Digital)


Team O – Husband and wife duo from London UK are on a mission to spread love through music. Geo Gabriel, the husband, brings songwriting, production as well as blazing vocals to the table whereas Jackie Onay brings heart, warmth and beauty all wrapped up in a soulful & pure vocal sound. Team O is about empowering the people to make love the first choice, whether it’s loving yourself, your spouse, family or friend. In a world where negativity is rapidly on the uprise, Team O believes that injecting love into your surrounding can make your world a better place. Influences include Whitney Houston, Jimmy Scott, Sarah Vaughan, The Clark Sisters, Earth Wind & Fire, Phyllis Hyman, Michael Jackson to name a few. Welcome to the world of Team O, where Love and Music are the order of the day. Their sound has been described as soulful and feel good music with a strong message of Love. When you think of Team ‚O‘ think Love & Music.


[Video Campaign] The Assist – Love

With a sound so colourful and unpredictable, angular guitar riffs effortlessly intertwine between funky bass lines and punchy yet often disco-tech like drums.

Strongly supported by BBC’s introducing show and labelled as „Birmingham’s next big thing“ by XFM , a full UK 2015 tour was completed alongside support slots with Slade and Shaun Ryder. There was also an appearance on sky sports soccer A.M alongside notable gigs at Liam Gallagher’s very own ‚Pretty Green‘ store, Aston Villa’s Kit Launch and festival slots alongside the likes of ‚The 1975‘ and ‚Happy Mondays‘


[Promo] Jenifer Brening – Miracle

Jenifer Brening - Miracle

„Miracle“ – Jenifers second masterpiece!

Jenifer Brening publishes promising „ASAP“ follow up

The little one with the big voice, Jenifer Brening, is back and with the stunningly beautiful pop song „Miracle“ presents a worthy successor to „ASAP“. With the 2015 debut single „ASAP“, written by herself, the 18-year-old singer has already achieved more than a noticeable success. Proof of this are numerous good club and chart positions on Amazon and iTunes. The likewise self-composed new single ‚Miracle‘ will certainly not only excite the fans, but also find its way into various charts.

The born Berliner, can already look back on an impressive career. The vocal sensation became known to millions of viewers through the successful participation of the music show „The Winner is“ (SAT1) in which Jenifer reached the final. In 2014, she was awarded the EMMAward for best newcomer – this was followed by a release of her song „Not That Guy“ as a power ballad version arranged by Eike Lüchow (formerly Stanfour) via Universal Music.

The melodic pop-dance song „Miracle“ was born again in collaboration with producer Andre Müther (D-LAY Production / Hypnotic Beat). The message of the song is clear: In today’s world, where so many people sink into the stress of everyday life, you want to remind them that life IS a fairy tale, and that you do need so much to enjoy life and feel happy and free … All you have to do is see things the right way!

In addition to the radio version the release of „Miracle“ offers, among others, 6 House- and EDM remixes by Grammy winner and remixer Philip Larsen (Manhattan Clique) and producer P.N.O. from Saarbrücken, who just shook up the dance charts with his EDM anthem „Stardust“. Versions from the Cologne DJ duo Casa & Nova and other trendy remixer can be found here as well. So, each radio and club DJ will find the fitting track in this remix package!

—————- Deutsch ————–

„Miracle“ – Jenifers zweiter Streich!

Jenifer Brening veröffentlicht vielversprechenden „ASAP“-Nachfolger

Die Kleine mit der großen Stimme, Jenifer Brening, meldet sich zurück und präsentiert mit dem traumhaft schönen Popsong „Miracle“ einen würdigen „ASAP“-Nachfolger. Mit der in 2015 erschienenen selbst geschriebenen Debutsingle „ASAP“ konnte die erst 18-jährige Sängerin bereits mehr als einen Achtungserfolg verzeichnen. Beweis hierfür sind zahlreiche gute Club- und Verkaufschartplatzierungen bei Amazon und iTunes. Die ebenfalls selbst komponierte neue Single „Miracle“ wird sicher nicht nur die Fans begeistern, sondern auch den Weg in diverse Hitlisten finden.

Die gebürtige Berlinerin kann bereits jetzt auf eine beeindruckende Karriere zurückblicken. Einem Millionenpublikum bekannt wurde das Stimmwunder durch die erfolgreiche Teilnahme an der Musikshow „The Winner is“ (SAT1), in welcher Jenifer das Finale erreichte. In 2014 wurde sie mit dem EMMAwards als bester Newcomer ausgezeichnet – es folgte eine Veröffentlichung ihres Songs „Not That Guy“ in einer von Eike Lüchow (ehemals Stanfour) arrangierten Power-Balladen-Version über Universal Music.

Der melodische Pop-Dance-Song „Miracle“ entstand erneut in Zusammenarbeit mit dem Produzenten Andre Müther (D-LAY Production/Hypnotic Beat). Die Message des Liedes ist eindeutig: In der heutigen Zeit, wo so viele Leute in dem täglichen Stress versinken, möchte man sie daran erinnern, dass das Leben DOCH ein Märchen ist und man gar nicht so viel braucht, um sich glücklich und frei zu fühlen, um das Leben zu genießen … Man muss nur die richtigen Dinge sehen!

Neben der Radio-Version bietet die Veröffentlichung von „Miracle“ insgesamt 6 House- und EDM-Remixe, unter anderem von Grammy-Gewinner und Remixer Philip Larsen (Manhattan Clique) und dem Saarbrücker Produzenten P.N.O, der gerade mit seiner EDM-Hymne „Stardust“ die Dance-Charts aufmischte. Auch dabei sind Versionen des Kölner DJ-Duos Casa & Nova und weiterer angesagter Remixer. Somit findet jeder Radio- und Club-DJ in diesem Remixpaket den passenden Track!


[Promo] Astroboter – Beat Sutras Vol.II


„This dude definitely went to the DJ Shadow school of drum programming. It’s solid!“ – Blockhead (Ninja Tune / USA)

It all began with a faulty translation:

A drunk and stoned Polish monk transcribed philosophical scrolls from Tibet and made „Staro Robota“ – which means „old work“ in Polish – into „Astroboter“. This mistake soon became a myth take and found its way into the people‘s folklore, turning Astroboter into a metaphysical entity in the shape of a robot, who is able to discharge the energies of good and evil. A role Astroboter accepted eventually and whose creator is unknown (yet?).

Armed with a Guitar and MPC (hidden in his belly), the Astroboter is witness to incidents that are caused by extreme contrarieties, but yet are so close together that it’s vexed to differ one from the other. Like a “Fail-Safe Key” he appears in various events, triggered by the beliefs & disbeliefs of human mankind. Not bound to era or location, the tale spans from 3000 BC until today, from Amon Meru to New York, from Antarctica to the Desert of Doom.

The music reflects the mythical story of Astroboter, a spiritual manifestation of Nature’s own steady metronomic dance between good and evil. Employing musical means as varied as Trip Hop, Krautrock, Ambient and Post Rock, the music evokes antique episodes and ponders timeless questions with its very own kind of sonic soundscapes and trickery.

The selftitled debut album was released on German label Switchstance Recordings in April 2012. It peaked in the US CMJ RPM Charts Top 5 in May 2012 and renowned music critic Rajotte from the French / Canadian TV channel MusiquePlus called the album simply „Magnifique!“. His non-official remix for the highly acclaimed TV show Breaking Bad gained him the likes of music composer Dave Porter. The Limited Cassette Editions of his releases are found in the Best Selling Charts on Bandcamp. The tapes are hand-crafted and distributed by his own label Psychedelic Dungeon Records, which also allows him to use the labels infrastructure for diverse projects regarding Astroboter.

„Astroboter pushes instrumentals forward, deftly combining diverse source materials into surprisingly cohesive and inventive beats!“ – The Groove Thief (USA)

The human behind the Astroboter is the musician and producer David Weicht from Germany, the motherland of Krautrock. Born in Upper Silesia, raised in Eicker Wiesen and currently residing in Castle Town, he has been working under this moniker since 2005. The involvment in the former Space Rock Band „Aeronautix“ and several Guitar EP’s show his affinity towards the Guitar as his main instrument of choice. The purchase of a MPC2000XL in the year of 2011 led to an obvious merger of sampled Beat productions and Guitar recordings. What was intended as a Beat based project evolved into a multidimensional project over the past years.

“I like how the electronic drums blend well with the other more acoustic sounds. Love the mix between electronic-modern style and psychedelic 70’s music!” – Hugo Kant (France)

Each release is to be seen as a standalone chapter in the vast storyline of Astroboters „lifetime“ and thus the musicians own artistic direction. Not bound to a single genre or format, you’ll find different sonic streams: The Beat Sutras series is his outlet for Hip Hop Beats, released in the form of classic beat tapes. His most far out adventures find their own form in the Ambient music releases like „Ambient Collection One“, which is a 60 minute collection of sound sculptures. The record comes with a webapp called „Ambient Framework Generator“ and allows musicians and producers to generate frameworks for their own music creations. This technique was inspired by the Musique Concrete & Surrealist direction and shows once again the multimedia aspect of the Astroboter project. The so-called „full length albums“ represent the main installments of this concept story and allow all streams to merge into one big delta.

„Instrumental kamasutra for your ears!“ – The Find Magazine (Netherlands)

David’s love for a broad range of genres is reflected by his Mixes, which are formed like collages around certain topics and moods. Installments like the „Merry Meditation Mix“ or „Delights For Psychic Minds“ were promoted by Los Angeles based radio station Dublab and even catched the ears of German Techno DJ Dr. Motte. The live shows cover the broad range of sounds and Astroboter remixes his songs in company with Guitar lines and Ambient interludes, thus involve more spirit than simple button pushing.

“Simply beautiful … It has the feel of mid 90’s downtempo meets post rock! I love it.“ – Stereo 77 (USA)

The story of Astroboter will develop throughout the artists own life and will always represent a current point-of-view of the endless architecture of the universe. In the end, Astroboter falls into a coma, forever frozen in the icy vaults of Antarctica and quite likely forgotten in the arctic nights.

To be continued…


[Promo] Martin Del Carpio – Notes from the Underground


Martin Del Carpio aka M. is a music artist.

In 2011, aside from previous albums, the record X was released.

In 2013, an album entitled Godard was released.

In 2014, a retrospective compilation called Lost Illusions was released and a remix by DJ Afro of Los Amigos Invisibles for the track Anon.

In 2015, an experimental music project was released titled Notes from the Underground.